[Automated] Website was inaccessible


Website is operational again.

Posted 7 months ago. 8:30 PM on July 8, 2022


Working on restoring from backups the slow way, since failover server also failed. No ETA yet, but we're getting there.

Source: https://twitter.com/HNStatus/status/1545461511870566400

Posted 7 months ago. 5:35 PM on July 8, 2022


HN is down again with what appears to be a second disk failure. This is on the fallback server, which we switched to last night when the primary server failed. Will update when we know more. Sorry all!

Source: https://twitter.com/HNStatus/status/1545409429113229312

Posted 7 months ago. 2:27 PM on July 8, 2022


Website cannot be reached by our automated monitoring.

Posted 7 months ago. 12:47 PM on July 8, 2022

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